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10 Years of Success

Ten years ago, in July 2010, we began a journey with everything to gain: we were convinced that business, like life, should be built on a diverse & inclusive network of human relationships. In the year that saw the birth of Instagram & Quora, when 'startups' were yet to be conceived everyday, setting up business' in times of recession was a brave dream. A few bruises, sustained effort and several rich experiences later, Seven Twenty Ten, in numbers, is now Seven Twenty Twenty. It simply means that we have reached the first significant milestone. Proverbially, we have miles to go.
When we entered the market at the end of the first decade of the millenium, the world was truly on it's way to shrink distances. An artificial intelligence driven global order, economic & aspirational, was on every finger tip, excited to connect every being on the planet. The second decade has us now living in times where the order of distancing is 'supposed' to be the new normal. As the world experiences uncertainty, it is important to be observant, believing that these turnaround times can be used to pause and realign priorities, both in business & our personal lives. As an organisation that has always believed in ground-real communication, we have worked hard to set our own expectations and build a strong foundation while ensuring that we grow in the long run.

Seven Twenty Ten Network


Facilitators For International Collaboration

We build associations in diverse domains, building international collaboration in Sport, Tourism, Education (Exchange Programs), Wellness, Infrastructure, Sustainable Technologies and Music & Culture. Our lasting relationships are testimony to years of delivering value, choosing mutually beneficial opportunities for all our stakeholders. We take care to nurture the 'local soul' in global culture.
Overseas Partner: Romeo Jozak & Associates

Seven Twenty Ten Network


Integrating Media for Effective ROI

Our outlook towards our communication tasks has always been to look at the SWOTS of each medium and creatively look at blending the most effective ways to reach the consumer. We have strived to achieve good integrated campaigns that ensure acquisition, retention and satisfaction of our clients customers.

Seven Twenty Ten Network


Building Brand Character & Visual Identity

We have built brands and brand character. From the clutter of similar service providers, we look at our brand building tasks with equal emphasis on planning & execution. Our visual identity projects reflect a fundamental and simplistic approach that establishes our clients' vision.

Seven Twenty Ten Network


End-to-End Solutions from Concepts to Production

A lot of our business has been in this domain where we have a network of specialists. Our clients have looked at us more as partners since we have been sensitive to effectively bringing down production costs with contemporary concepts & quality visuals.

Seven Twenty Ten Network


Online Platforms & Aggregated Content

One of our key areas is original content creation - our continuing research and insight has resulted in our own IPs in this space which will be online soon. Apart from this, we have hours of aggregated content - from travel to entertainment - up on revenue sharing basis.

Seven Twenty Ten Network


Analytics, Social Media & Customer Experience

Our strength in the digital space is adapting emerging trends and applying them in perspective of the macro communication task. We partner with our clients on problem solving in the digital space with effective analytics. At the end of the day, we help our clients acquire customers to maximize experience.

Seven Twenty Ten Network


Educational Initiatives

Over 800 Students from our Academy of Music - Sur Sanskaar are the torch bearers of our successful foray into educational initiatives. Based on this success, there is a proposed film and design finishing school for fresh graduates. As part of our collective social responsibility, we support sustainable technology initiatives. We have our own IP Acknowledging Excellence which recognizes largely unrewarded excellence in different walks of life.

Seven Twenty Ten Network


Skill Development

As a comprehensive solution provider in the Integrated Marketing Communications Space, Seven Twenty Ten has been modeled on a knowledge sharing foundation with a holistic approach to design thinking & problem solving in practically any area that requires communication as a base.

Keeping in mind the GOI Initiatives and the country’s exports reaching a record of $534 Billion in the year 2018 -19, Seven Twenty Ten has an innovative training curriculum for the average Indian exporter from the grassroots that follows a practical, hands-on approach.

Seven Twenty Ten has a global soul with a glocal working culture. As an experienced organisation we have worked on awareness programmes & knowledge sharing sessions at the rural level with several social initiatives like women’s hygeine, sanitation, skill building for the underprivileged & branding of a tribal utsav.

Our training sessions have been designed to benefit both the beginner and the existing exporter as well.


We understand the nuances of the media & sports business

About Us

Seven Twenty Ten Network is a Media, Sports & Integrated Marketing Communications Network, headquartered in Mumbai - India, since July 2010.

Our Services

We offer a diverse range of services, from Domain/Sports Consulting to Corporate/Ad Films, from IMC Campaigns to Educational Initiatives, from Content Development to UX/UI Design.

Why Us

An experienced blend of analytical and creative individuals – both in planning & execution - we have worked with some of the biggest names in the media industry in India over the last two decades.


We constantly work very closely with the consumer, understanding his psyche and keeping track of his changing behavior. As a result, you get the benefit and the most effective way to reach the consumer.


Combining the best of Analytical & Creative

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Wealth of Experience

Sheetal Paknikar

Founder & Managing Director

As the Founder & Managing Director of Seven Twenty Ten,
Sheetal Paknikar began with a vision to set-up a Global Integrated Marketing Communications & Media Consulting Network having explored various Job Profiles and challenges in the organizations of repute he worked with. In July 2010, armed with this experience, he set-up the business with its headquarters in Mumbai and Marketing Associates over the World. Seven Twenty Ten now has a reasonable presence across diverse domains in the Indian Media Market.

A complete professional with a belief that it is only ‘sincere intent to deliver quality work @ value’ that eventually matters, Sheetal has spent the last 10 years in building a sound foundation for the organization poised to take the next leap into the media business over the next few years.

Educational Credentials: Master’s In Communication Design from IIT, Mumbai India
Organizations Worked With: Times Of India, National Films Development Corporation, Eros International, Maya Entertainment, Mukta Arts Limited, Focus Circle Brands
Expertise & Interests: Strategy, Advertising, Branding, Graphic / Digital Design, Films, Content Development, Media Start-Ups Consulting

Arun Gupta

Director - Operations

For the last two decades, Arun Gupta has worked in the Film & Television Industry in India as a Director of Photography. With a BSC in Microbiology and a family lineage from the Hindi Film Industry’s Golden Period, Arun has been one of the founding associates of the network, building the core team at Seven Twenty Ten as the Director of Operations.

Having worked with the biggest names in the Indian Film & Television Industry, both reputed technicians and film stars, Arun still believes in being completely down to earth, constantly redefining his role to suit various challenges in the Media Industry. An excellent team man, his biggest asset is being hands on with Line Production and bringing in the business end of all creative tasks.

Educational Credentials: Post-Graduate Diploma in Motion Picture Photography from FTII, Pune India
Expertise & Interests: Film Photography, Line Production, Content Development, Advertising, Film Education

Rahul Laud

Advisor - New Business

Rahul is a strategist with the acumen for developing integrated communications strategy and plan on any business sector. He has excellent client management and man-management skills, has taught media relations and writing, and has held several Head of PR and Editor roles across India, UAE and the UK.

Currently he contributes to different portals and papers specialising on Indo UK relationship. He lives in Manchester. He is on the International Faculty of the Art of Living Foundation and a volunteer at the International Association of Human Values. He is a musician and plays tabla and Indian rhythm instruments

Key Roles
Associate Editor, Asian Lite (2013 - current)
Manager, Media, Sri Sri Publications Trust, Art of Living International Centre, Bangalore (2012-2013)
Director, Head of Division, CampusPR (Division of CMCG India Pvt Ltd), Mumbai (2011 - 2012)
Guest Lecturer, St Andrews College, Bandra, Mumbai (2010 - 2012)
Executive Editor, Projects Info, Mumbai (2010 - 2011)
Senior Manager, Global Head, Corporate Communications; UAE Exchange Centre LLC (2005- 2007)
Advertising, PR and Marketing officer with Public Transport Department, Dubai Municipality (Government of Dubai) (2003 - 2004)
Former Editor - Gomantak Times and Weekender (Chowgule Group - India), Business Editor - The Independent (Times of India Group), Business Editor - The Metropolis on Saturday (Times of India Group), Special Correspondent - Magna Publishing (Society, Stardust etc.) and Editor – Textiles Today

Rajesh Dube

Advisor - New Business

Rajesh Dube is a respected young veteran in the Indian Management Consulting Industry & a Social Entrepreneur. This unique blend makes him an ideal go-to person for any kind of Domain Consulting. Rajesh Dube currently works with Seven Twenty Ten Network as a Honorary Business Advisor.

With nearly 30 years of working with many organizations and projects, from Financial Services to IT, from Operational & Resource Management to Business Head, Rajesh now looks after Seven Twenty Ten Network’s International Business Development

Like the rest of the team, Rajesh Dube is also completely approachable, he believes in looking at meeting objectives while ensuring a win-win proposition for the organization and it’s stakeholders.

Educational Credentials: Graduate in Industrial Engineering & Post-Graduate in Management Studies from BITS PILANI
Organizations Worked With: HDFC, ARCIL, National Skills Foundation of India, India Shelter Finance Corporation
Expertise & Interests: Skill Development, Financial Services, IT, Domain Consulting, Sustainable Technologies, Advertising & Promotion


Wealth of Excellence


Combining Diverse Expertise

Overseas Partner

Romeo Jozak & Associates, based in Zagreb, Croatia has various business partners over the world. In India, we work with them in building mutually beneficial business association in Sport, Celebrity Tourism, Travel, Lifestyle, Films, Music & Culture. Our focus is to collaborate at the diplomatic level, create a sense of well-being and generate exchange opportunities between India & Croatia.

India Partners

In our Network, Maniratna Mediaworks (MMW) is a multidisciplinary design studio with operations in Hyderabad & Mumbai,India. We partner with MMW on Exclusive Design Projects & IP Initiatives - 'Acknowledging Excellence' was the first in the series, launched in November 2015.

Light Infotainment - an events, sports management & PR agency - are our partners in International business consulting.


If you think you have the attitude and can handle the excitement and challenges ahead to grow with us, ... Mail your CV at


We work with some of the biggest brands.



103, First floor, Shivam Chambers Premises CHS.
S V Road, Next to Old Sahara House, Goregaon West, Mumbai-400104, India
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